Moon Crafts For Kids

Laura | March 8, 2022 |

Making a Moon and Hanging Star Display

Getting kids interested in space, the moon, and the world around them can be challenging. However, if you can make fun crafts up along the way you stand a chance of getting them engaged, and keeping them interested. This simple moon display will get them to explore the texture and surface of the moon while allowing them to explore their creativity.

Materials needed for moon crafting

What You Will Need For Your Project

Paper plate

Flour (for texture)

Pale yellow poster paint

Black marker pen

A piece of aluminum foil

A star shape template


A glue stick or PVA

Some bits of yellow and cream yarn

Step 1. Once you have all of your materials together, it is now time to draw out the shape of a moon on your paper plate and get it cut out. While we were deciding on our shape, we were looking online at the 8 stages of the moon and discussing what each stage looks like. Having decided upon a crescent moon, it was time to mark out the shape with a black marker pen.

Step 2. Once you have the shape or stage you want to create, you then have to get painting and create the surface of your moon. We added some flour to our ready mixed poster paint to give it more texture. Also, bits of yarn were added to add bumps and raised areas on the moon’s surface.

The painting is underway

Step 3. While the paint was drying it was time to mark up and cut out a shiny silver star (which would hang from the moon). Once this was marked out, it was time to cut it out and get a piece of yarn stuck to the back – ready to hang it on the edge of the moon once it was dry.

Step 4. Once the painted moon was dry and everyone was happy with the texture (surface), it was time to add the hanging star. This was secured in place by a glue stick, but you could also use a little bit of PVA.

The surface is complete
The paint is all dry, the shape has been cut out and the star is ready to be hung using yarn

Step 5. To display our moon in all its glory it was laid on some black card that we had leftover from another project, and some astronaut and space-related cardboard toppers that had been kept from a recent birthday were added.

Ready for new moon adventures!

Step 6. Time to enjoy your moon craft and talk about how important the moon is to us, and to our planet. Encouraging role play at this stage (my son was an astronaut) really worked well for us and may work well for your kids too.


I am a mom of 3, 5 year old twins boy/girl, and an 18 month old baby girl. We are always crafting, and enjoy making everything everything, whether gifts for family or items for the home.

We started off (as I think most crafty parents do) by making macaroni jewelry and play-doh when they were little, and now make everything from castles made out of toilet paper rolls, to insect houses made out of bamboo straws.

I love trying out new crafts with my children!


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