Mothers Day Handprint Flower

Laura | March 3, 2022 |

Mothers day is one of the best days of the year. Moms get spoilt rotten, and they get given beautiful handmade gifts. If you are looking to make a quick (but beautiful) handmade gift, then this handprint flower is perfect, and simple to make.

What You Will Need

  • 1 x Glue stick
  • 1 x Piece of green paper (for the stem and leaves)
  • 2 x Pieces of colored paper (for the handprints/petals)
  • 1 x Piece of yellow paper (for the center of the flower)
  • 1 x Pencil
  • 1 x Roll of Sellotape
  • Assortment of glitter
  • Assortment of Gems
  • A thin piece of card (we used a cereal box)
  • A piece of ribbon (to hand the flower)
What You Will Need for a Handprint Flower

Step 1.

Take your colored paper and draw around your hands. We did 5 handprints over 2 pieces of colored paper because they are going to be used as petals.

Tracing Hands is Fun!

Step 2. 

Carefully cut out all of the handprints and then set them to one side. Then take your yellow paper, and cut out an assortment of heart shapes. The hearts need to be quite small as they are going to make up the center of your flower.

Step 3. 

Put your handprints together (in the shape of a flower) and then glue them in place. Then add the hearts to the center, and also glue these in place.

The Flower is Taking Shape
Little Hearts for the Center

Step 4.

Take your piece of thin card (cereal box in this case) and draw a stem with leaves. Then go ahead and cut this out. You can then use this as a template for your green paper. Once your template is on your green paper go ahead and cut this out, and then stick it to your card. 

*We used thin card because the flower then floats (even when it is hung up).

Tracing the Stem and Leaves

Step 5

Stick the stem onto the back of the flower and then get started with decorating the petals. We used an assortment of gems, glitter, and butterflies we had saved off an old birthday card.

Step 6. Once everything is dry, you are then ready to add the ribbon. We held it securely in place with a little bit of sellotape to ensure it stayed on.

All Decorations Have Been Added
Adding Ribbon So It Can Be Hung


I am a mom of 3, 5 year old twins boy/girl, and an 18 month old baby girl. We are always crafting, and enjoy making everything everything, whether gifts for family or items for the home.

We started off (as I think most crafty parents do) by making macaroni jewelry and play-doh when they were little, and now make everything from castles made out of toilet paper rolls, to insect houses made out of bamboo straws.

I love trying out new crafts with my children!


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