Welcome to our kids hub! Did you know the word ‘kid’ can encompass the years from 5 upto 12 and holds some of the biggest challenges and the biggest changes in child’s life.

Toys and Tech

Metal detectors to punching bags. Air hockey to laser tag. You won’t get far in parenting without becoming an expert in at least one sort of childrens toy. We’ve rounded up the best of a whole host of different types to give you a head start.


Yes or no to big birthdays? Birthday party ideas? How about some great socially distanced kids birthday party ideas? Just how would you put together a puzzle trail party for a pre-schooler anyway.


Care and grooming of your not so little ones. Choosing a good shampoo with a no tear formula is a must. If you have a girl with long hair you’re going to get resistance to brushing it, unless you get a good detangler brush!


There’s more to kids education these days than just sending them to school! You end up having to learn quite a lot yourself.