Preschool Valentine’s Day Printables for Toddlers

Maybe you like to bake cookies, or plan intricate crafts, but what about the littlest hands that want to get involved in the lesson or craft? If you’re like me, I love seasonal printables and lessons. They’re lifesavers on those days when you want your kids to be creative, but don’t have time to break out the glitter and paint (let alone clean it up). 

Fall crafts ideas collage

Easy & Fun Fall Craft Ideas

Fall is the perfect time to break out the hot glue gun, craft paint, and all the construction paper to make fun art pieces and incorporate crafting into educational time.

Collection of DIY halloween costumes

DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Between the spooky movies, decorations, falling leaves, and mountains of candy and sweet treats, you just can’t beat it. And when I say I love the costumes, I mean I LOVE the costumes! 

A brain reading with stars

Understanding STAR reading levels and scores

One of the most common assessments you might encounter in primary school is the STAR reading level, which is used to determine how adept your child is at reading and comprehending text.


How to Teach Kids Phonics – Step by Step

Learning to read by phonics is extremely effective and creates stronger readers than can learn new words on the fly. Over time, they become fluent readers with quick recognition skills.

baby bottle cooler

Baby Bottle Storage Ideas

There is a universal truth that all parents can attest to once they bring their bundle of joy home. And it’s the sudden avalanche of baby supplies that creep into every corner of your home. In the kitchen, the clutter tends to be bottle parts, pumping supplies, plastic dinnerware, and pacifiers. 

One handed front carry loading position

Which Baby Carrier is Easiest to Put On

Soft baby wraps such as Boba, Moby wraps, or even slings can be completely tied and adjusted before you attempt to put the baby inside, which frees up your hands for a safe transfer. Not to mention the fact that they’re much easier to tuck your sleeping baby into and maneuver around the house as they rest. 


Can I Use a Baby Carrier for a Newborn?

The short answer is, YES! Of course, then can. However, newborns should be worn with extra care and attention, as their neck strength isn’t developed yet. There are real (and completely avoidable) dangers that newborns can face while in a baby carrier. 

cotton blend t-shirt

How to Make a Baby Sling out of a T-shirt

When you think of making a DIY baby sling, blankets, scarves, and even tablecloths come to mind. However, have you ever considered using one of your t-shirts? It’s not as crazy as it sounds when you consider most soft baby wraps are made from stretchy cotton or bamboo fabric. 

baby wrapped in a scarf

How to Make a Baby Carrier out of a Scarf or Shawl

You can use any regular type of scarf or shawl as long as it’s made with a breathable material like cotton or muslin and meets the length requirements for tying. Heavier fabrics like wool and chunky knits, or slick materials like silk, are not ideal. 

Baby sleeping in a sheet

How to Make a Baby Carrier out of a Sheet

Before there were baby carriers with all the bells and whistles that you could pick up from Target or order from Amazon, women used linen or cotton. Sometimes these pieces of fabric were specially made to be used as baby wraps. Other times, they were made from sheets or whatever scraps they could find. 

baby having hair washed under a shower head

What’s the Best Baby Shower Head? (+Reviews)

Have you experienced the joy of your child letting out a blood curdling scream when you attempt to rinse soap from their hair? No? Lucky you. If you answered “yes,” we feel for you and might have an answer.

girl dressed as a mermaid floating in the pool

The Best Swimming Mermaid Toys for the Pool or Bath

No day at the pool is complete without some cool toys to toss in the water. Sharks, fish, and water guns are always timeless staples. But we often include mermaids in the mix and rightfully so. Little kids love mermaids!