Baby Bottle Storage Ideas

Breanna | Updated April 16, 2022 |

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There is a universal truth that all parents can attest to once they bring their bundle of joy home. And it’s the sudden avalanche of baby supplies that creep into every corner of your home. In the kitchen, the clutter tends to be bottle parts, pumping supplies, plastic dinnerware, and pacifiers, whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding.

Small pieces? Sure. But they take over your kitchen in a heartbeat. Say goodbye to that ample counter space and neatly packed drawers. Unless you come up with an easy-to-follow system, you’ll be juggling bottles and scrambling for enough space to make a sandwich. 

Rest easy though. We’ve searched the internet for some of the best (and most creative) ways to store baby bottles. Take comfort in knowing most of these baby bottle organization ideas will also work for sippy cups, plates, and pacifiers too

Drying rack 

If you’re able to find a dry rack organizer with built-in storage and only have a small supply of bottles, something like this may work for you.

You won’t have to bother moving them from the rack to the cabinet since this one keeps the supplies neat and out of the way. 

Tupperware drawers on the counter 

Simple, easy, and cheap…Plastic drawers are a great solution to organize bottle and pumping parts. Stack your drying rack on top to save even more counter space. This method makes it easy to locate lids, nipples, and bottles in a pinch. Plus, while they’re contained in the drawer dividers, they won’t be knocked to the floor when you toss your groceries up there or during meal prep. 

A rolling makeup cart

This rolling kitchen cart is the MacGyver of nursery supplies. It can hold diapering essentials, onesies, toys, and of course, organize bottles.

With three sizable levels, you can organize by function and size and keep similar items together.

Plus, it’s easy to wheel around your home as your storage needs evolve with your baby. 

Don’t write off other kitchen storage like this rolling cart as something that won’t work for baby supplies.

These shelves meant for water bottles will work perfectly for your collection of baby bottles.

Plus, they are easy to adjust to make room for various sizes and shapes.

Tiered produce basket 

Looking for something a little less “baby” and a little cuter? Using a produce basket is a great idea. Find one that matches your decor and toss your bottles in there. It will feel less like clutter and more like an aesthetically pleasing part of your kitchen. When you no longer need bottle storage, it can be used to hold your apples and oranges again. 

Shoe storage hanger over pantry door 

If you have a separate pantry with an actual door, purchase a shoe organizer and throw it over the door. Slide your bottles in the slots to keep them neat and out of your kitchen traffic. This is also one of the best storage solutions for pesky water bottles too! 

Collapsible shelves on counter or in pantry 

Don’t write off other kitchen storage as something that won’t work for baby supplies.

These shelves meant for water bottles will work perfectly for your collection of baby bottles.

Plus, they are easy to adjust to make room for various sizes and shapes.


Dividers in drawer 

Clear organizational dividers are a dream for a tidy kitchen. Use them in your pantry, on your counters, and naturally, in your drawers. They keep the contents of your drawers from shifting around and make it easy to locate your supplies even in the earliest morning hours (or those dreaded all-nighters). 

Shower shelf on wall or cabinets 

Show caddies are also unexpected, but great, additions to the kitchen during the infant stage. Their tiered shelves offer perfect storage for nipples, bottles, and pacifiers. Plus, they’re generally easy to mount. You could even hang them with command strips to save your walls or cabinets. 

Embroidery Spool 

Who knew embroidery (thread) spools were like souped-up drying racks? You can store all your supplies at once easily! Plus, spools like this one can be mounted to the wall which frees up your counter for other essentials. 

Cooling racks 

Collapsible cooling racks for baking make perfect shelves for storing bottles. The levels provide space in cabinets. There’s no sense in cramming all your bottles in a tiny cabinet when you can stack them up and save room! 


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