DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Breanna | Updated February 4, 2022 |

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Between the spooky movies, decorations, falling leaves, and mountains of candy and sweet treats, you just can’t beat it. And when I say I love halloween costumes, I mean I LOVE Halloween costumes! 

However, sometimes I want something a little more unique than what I can find at Target or on Amazon. So, that’s when I dig into my craft supplies to come up with a homemade Halloween costume creation. 

After all, who doesn’t want a one-of-a-kind kids costume made with love? So, if you’re ready for some spooky season inspo, scroll on! 

Toy soldier 

This is a pretty simple diy costume idea. You’ll need some old clothing. Think about an old rain jacket and cargo pants with old boots. Add some plastic accessories from the local dollar store, including a plastic helmet if you can find one. Then, get some green spray paint and spray everything (except your toddler). Add some green face paint and your toy soldier is all set! 

Bubble bath

Got a wagon? Fill it full of white balloons. Then, you can have your child dress up as a ducky or simply wrap a towel around their head to give them a “fresh-from-the-spa” look. If you have two kiddos, why not do both? 


Sure, you can probably find a unicorn costume on the shelves somewhere, but would it look this cozy and cute? You’ll need a white sweatsuit and some multicolored yarn for the mane and tail. Then, take matching felt to make the accents, including the ears. Stuff some felt with packing paper and secure with a glue gun to make the horn. 


If you want a seriously low-maintenance Halloween costume, take a pair of jeans, pair it with a flannel, and then fasten some homemade furry ears and tail to transform your kiddo into a werewolf. Look for a roll of faux fur fabric from your local craft store, or online, to easily complete this look. 


This is a super simple costume that anyone can put together. Grab a monochromatic neutral sweatsuit, a clear umbrella, some mesh or tulle fabric, and some twinkle lights. Fasten it all to the umbrella and BOOM. You have an adorable jellyfish! 

Lego block 

If you have a cardboard box and not much else, you can make an easy Lego costume. Cut arm/head holes. Then, spray paint the box with whichever color you choose (try to coordinate with your child’s pants for a cohesive look). Glue the spray paint lids or paper towel rolls to the box to look like the bumps. Voila, you have the perfect Lego costume. 

Dippin’ Dots

If your trick-or-treater is still itty bitty, but you want to get in on the costume fun, maybe this frozen treat getup will do the trick. Your supplies are minimal. You’ll need a bucket with a printout of the Dippin’ Dots logo, fuzzy multicolored pom-poms, a hat, and a glue gun to fasten it all. Make sure your baby is comfy and cozy, and remember this one is better for pictures than strolling around town. 

Ace Ventura

Got a kid with wild hair that just won’t quit? Maybe you can find a loud Hawaiian shirt to pair with some red pants and a stuffed parrot. Then, you’ll have yourself a bona fide pet detective. This is truly a unique costume and if your child has a big personality to match, I guarantee you’ll be laughing all night on your candy trek. 


Need a last-minute costume with minimal investment? Check out this flower pot look. All you need is a large plastic tub, artificial flowers with long stems, duct tape for makeshift shoulder straps, and coordinating pants/shirt. There you have it, a simple and unique costume even the most inexperienced crafter can handle. 


If you already have a pair of brown or khaki pants with a red or orange shirt, this could be an easy costume to throw together. All you need to purchase is yellow/orange felt, pool noodles or paper towel rolls, and cotton to make the “smoke.” Use a glue gun to tie it all together and you’ll have the best outdoorsy costume

Scuba diver

Do you like repurposing your materials? Save your 2-liter bottles and spray paint them to make scuba tanks. Then pair them with black sweatsuits, goggles, and string for an easy ocean-themed costume. 

Bag of jelly beans

This is a great option for boys and girls. Grab a clear plastic trash bag, multicolored balloons, and a Jelly Belly printout that looks like the logo. Cut arm and leg holes into the bag, insert small balloons, and pair with a white outfit for an easy jelly bean costume. 


If you have a toddler that isn’t quite walking without assistance, this is the perfect halloween costume for lots of smiles and laughs all around. Who can resist a chunky baby dressed up as a granny with sweet cheeks and a gummy smile? Grab some cheap PVC pipe, spray paint it silver, assemble it into a “walker,” and stick tennis balls on the legs. And if you can’t find a small white wig, glue cotton balls onto a beanie. 

Raining cats & dogs

Have a kid that wants minimal costume, but still wants to dress up and play along? Grab that umbrella again. Glue stuffed cats and dogs on it while hanging some off the side with strings. Throw on a yellow poncho and you’ll have yourself a storm so crazy it will be raining cats and dogs! 


For babies that are riding out trick-or-treat in their baby carrier, consider a costume that actually goes on the carrier. Take some felt to make the classic red and white popcorn box, then clue popcorn to a white baby hat. When you insert your baby into their carrier, the costume will be complete and your baby will be comfy and cozy for the duration of your candy hike. Check this out for more ideas for baby carrier halloween costumes.


Breanna is a former therapist turned writer. She earned a master’s in psychology in 2015 but ultimately decided she would like to be more present for her family. Currently flexing her writing skills as a stay-at-home mother of two toddlers (with another baby on the way), she enjoys writing in the parenting and home/DIY niches. She also writes fiction and has been published in a handful of literary magazines and a fiction anthology. In her spare time, Breanna enjoys blogging, painting, running, and drinking an absurd amount of coffee.


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