Practising child psychology

Udemy Professional Child Psychology Course Review

A fully accredited child psychology course? For $20? At Udemy sale prices sometimes that’s what you’ll pay. That sounds like a bargain. But will a regular parent benefit from taking this course?

Mom screaming at kids using megaphone

How to Get Kids to Cooperate – Udemy Course Review

How about spending 20 minutes of your time, to learn a tip that will save you 20 minutes per day? Sounds interesting doesn’t it? That’s what the first of the 3 skills Robin Booth teaches in his Udemy course claims to do for you.

Neuroscience for parents

Neuroscience for Parents Review – Udemy

Want to learn how to raise amazing kids? Don’t we all. Part of that comes from understanding them. Who doesn’t want to understand a little more about kids brains and how they work?

Baby bottles

What are the best baby bottles for colic?

Do you know exactly what infant colic is and what causes it? This might surprise some people but colic isn’t a disease. You don’t catch it. But it is possible that something you’re doing (or not doing) is causing it. Some of the best anti-colic bottles go to greater lengths to prevent it than others.

What’s the best travel stroller? Compact and lightweight.

Traveling with children can be very rewarding and extremely taxing. It often turns into some sort of military operation with all the kit you have to move. What you need for these trips is lightweight, compact and easy to carry. Here are some of the best travel strollers we found…