Baby bottles

What are the Best Baby Bottles in 2021?

Choosing a baby bottle isn’t a choice you make by yourself. There’s a little person involved that has a say in things. We think the best way to choose is to look at features and popularity. Pick what you like. Then hope for the best where the baby is concerned. Let’s take a look at some of the best bottles out there…

What to pack? – The Baby Hospital Bag Checklist

You need yours, your babies and partners bags packed ready to go at around week 37 of your pregnancy. We’ve covered them all and our lists are easy to copy, share, modify and download. We may well have something you haven’t thought of! So take a look…

Positive Discipline Book

Positive Discipline – Book Review

Search anywhere for a parenting book that’ll help you with power struggles, communication with your children, teaching children self-respect or dealing with misbehaving teens. What will you find? I’m betting a copy of ‘Positive Discipline’ or if not one of it’s more specialised sub-category books will appear. This book has been around for a long … Read more


The Whole Brain Child – Book Review

This is a very popular book that teaches parents, (and their children) about minds (both little and big) and how they work and most importantly strategies to work with them and help in some tricky situations.
If you’ve considered getting a copy but weren’t sure, then I’m going to explain a little about what’s inside this book and how it can help you and your family.

Practising child psychology

Udemy Professional Child Psychology Course Review

A fully accredited child psychology course? For $20? At Udemy sale prices sometimes that’s what you’ll pay. That sounds like a bargain. But will a regular parent benefit from taking this course?

Mom screaming at kids using megaphone

How to Get Kids to Cooperate – Udemy Course Review

How about spending 20 minutes of your time, to learn a tip that will save you 20 minutes per day? Sounds interesting doesn’t it? That’s what the first of the 3 skills Robin Booth teaches in his Udemy course claims to do for you.

Neuroscience for parents

Neuroscience for Parents Review – Udemy

Want to learn how to raise amazing kids? Don’t we all. Part of that comes from understanding them. Who doesn’t want to understand a little more about kids brains and how they work?