Baby Carrier Costumes! Is it Halloween Yet?

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It is never too early to start thinking about getting ready for Halloween, right? Right. Especially when your kids are too young to pick their own outfits – you get to have all the say and all the fun. And we’re here to tell you that you don’t have to wait until your little one is walking to dress them up and take them around town. Dress your babe up and pop her (or him) in your baby carrier and voila! You’ve got yourself a hands-free Halloween costume. Whether you’re looking for something store-bought, or something you can DIY, we’ve rounded up some awesome baby carrier cosume ideas for you and your baby’s next Halloween.

Harry Potter’s Mandrake

We are siriusly loving this Harry Potter Halloween trio. See what we did there? Mom and dad are dressed as Professor Sprout and Hagrid, respectively, while baby, in her baby carrier, sits in a plantar dressed as Mandrake – a magical plant with roots that look like a human baby. These Harry Potter costumes, in entirety, were DIYed by mom with the exception of purchasing the plantar. 10 points for Hufflepuff!

E.T. Bike Flight

Perhaps one of the most iconic scenes from E.T. the Extra Terrestrial is the bike flight silhouetted against the moon in the night sky. And here it is re-created for Halloween by a mom and her little baby carrier costume that’s fully equipped with a basket, bicycle handles, and white cloth wrapped around “E.T.” Totally out of this world.

Carters Skeleton Baby Carrier Costume

If you’re pressed with time or feel like you don’t have a crafty bone in your body, buying a pre-made baby carrier costume for your little one might be the route to take. Carters make babywearing costumes like this skeleton costume that can be snapped around your baby carrier and comes with the body, a hat, and booties to match.

Spider and Web Costume

How can something so creepy and crawly be so cute? Tracy, the mastermind of this DIY costume, used a reusable cloth bag as an “apron” she wore on top of the baby carrier and attached a giant, hairy spider onto it. She also sewed a large spider’s web made of yarn onto the bottom portion. Don’t worry. Baby doesn’t seem too grossed out. I’m sure he’s snug as a bug in his Ergobaby carrier.

Seeing Red Diver and Octopus

Here’s a pre-made baby carrier costume idea. You can buy this and it has accessories for both your baby’s carrier and you! Dress your baby up as an octopus by attaching the provided tentacles to the carrier while you put on the diver mask and flippers. This is a great interactive costume for babies because they can very easily play with the hanging tentacles – what a fun costume!

Cute Ghost

For those that have a baby girl and want something cute but not too in-your-face-girly, this is the perfect costume! Made from tulle and felt, this is an idea that can be customized very easily. Just dress your kiddo up in white clothes, place in baby carrier, and wrap the ghost tulle skirt around. Find the thorough, step-by-step instructions here.

Movie Theater Popcorn Baby Carrier Costume

Grab yourself some popcorn, or a baby dressed up as some, because these are just getting better and better. Here’s a mom who dressed up her BabyBjorn baby carrier as a box of movie theater popcorn using some felt, hot glue, and of course, some popcorn!

Tandem Skydivers

Here’s a totally unique idea for Halloween – parent/baby tandem skydivers! Baby is in a Snugli carrier facing out while wearing a snow suit while the caregiver is dressed in snow pants, helmet, and goggles to complete the look. A PVC parachute is attached to the carrier using Velcro straps. We’d say this idea will definitely take off.  

Oscar the Grouch

Does it count if the grouch isn’t really grouchy? Here’s a perfect Oscar the Grouch baby carrier costume from Sesame Street. This is a completely homemade costume using cardboard, Styrofoam, and green fur. Dress your baby up in a green outfit embellished with fur, and place in a baby carrier facing out. The mom is dressed up as a garbage-woman to complete the look. And the best part about this? The baby in the photo is actually named Oscar. To find out more thorough instructions on this costume, click here.

Wrecking Ball

If your kids love tractors, excavators, or anything construction related, this is the perfect costume for them! And if they’re too young to like it just yet, this is still such a fun idea! Surrounded by cardboard put together to form a wrecking ball machine, baby is sitting in a carrier facing out. This is also a great idea for siblings – older kids can dress up as different kinds of mighty machines.


Baby. Shark. Baby Shark. See where we’re going with this? This would be an instant hit with your kids. If the baby shark song is played on a regular basis in your home, here’s the perfect costume for you and your babe this Halloween. The shark head is made from felt and secured to the carrier with large safety pins. To complete the look, add a blue tutu as the water and throw on some swim goggles!


Here’s a sweet idea that’ll get everyone buzzing! Baby is dressed as a beehive while the caregiver goes as a beekeeper. What a perfect combination! If you’re thinking of DIY-ing this costume, you’ll want a baby carrier that has the option of facing baby out. Just make sure your baby is at an appropriate age for this position. The hive is attached to the carrier prior to putting it on and is made from stockings that are stuffed. Here’s a complete list of materials and directions in case you’re planning on bringing the best costume award home this Halloween.

Starbucks Drink

We don’t know about you, but this baby carrier costume is really making us crave a large Latte from Starbucks. Pictured is a tall cup of creamy, frothy goodness fully equipped with a straw. This DIY costume is so fun and perfect for a newborn or younger baby who must be positioned tummy-to-tummy in a carrier. For a more fall and festive look, you can change out the colors and write PSL on your “cup.” 

Presidential Debate Team

This would be the perfect idea to pull off with twins – babies dressed as presidential candidates behind a podium while caregivers are dressed as security officials. Twins aren’t absolutely necessary but they’re a definite plus for this costume. Face your baby out in the carrier and place the cardboard “podium” around them. Be sure to add professional attire to really sell the look. You can find the step-by-step instructions for this costume here.

Simba and Rafiki from Lion King

Is there a more iconic movie scene in all of history? Here is a perfect idea for Disney lovers. Rafiki holding up Simba as shown in the beginning scenes of Lion King. It’s a perfect combination of costumes and ideas. Put your babe in a store-bought lion costume and place in carrier facing forward. Purchase a Rafiki face mask or DIY it yourself, and you’ve got a show-stopping look.


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