What’s the best baby carrier for breastfeeding?

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In today’s busy world nursing mothers need all the help they can get. This is particularly true when it comes to baby carriers. A good baby carrier should keep baby safe (our guidelines) and secure, while also making life easier for Mom.

Once you see how much easier life can be with a good baby carrier, you’ll want one for every new baby. Using baby carriers for breastfeeding will keep your baby close while freeing your hands to attend to other things. Best of all, studies have shown that babies tend to feel more secure and at ease when they are kept near the mother’s womb. There are a lot of benefits to using one!

The Best Breastfeeding Carriers – Our Picks

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The Right Carrier for Nursing Mothers

The right baby carrier is important, especially for breastfeeding moms. Not only do you want something that’s safe and comfortable for your baby, but it should also streamline nursing and provide ample nursing cover.

Essential Baby Carrier Features


Support is the most important feature to consider when choosing a baby carrier. Your baby’s safety is your number one priority so naturally; you’ll want to choose a carrier that offers the best support for baby’s neck and head.

Good support is during your baby’s first few months. New babies do not have the strength to keep their head in an upright position.

Comfort for You and Baby

Your baby’s comfort should also be a priority. It’s nice to know your baby can rest comfortably but your comfort is also important. If a soft structured carrier doesn’t offer comfort for both you and your baby, you will be less likely to use it. If you’ve had children before, you’ll understand that an uncomfortable baby can make life miserable and an uncomfortable Mom can be nearly as bad.

A good, comfortable baby carrier will not strain your back or cut into your shoulder. Ideally you want padded shoulder straps. You’ll want to choose a baby carrier that will be soft and comfortable for baby but designed in a way that doesn’t place unnecessary strain on your back and shoulders.

A Privacy Option

A good baby carrier for nursing mothers should provide a privacy option. Not all nursing mothers feel this is a necessity, which is also okay, but for those who do want some privacy while nursing a carrier that offers attached coverage can make your life a lot easier.

If you have ever had to carry a blanket with you while nursing, you’ll know how much of a hindrance this can be. Baby slings that offers attached coverage can make feeding your baby while in public much easier.

A Carrier Should Be Adjustable

Not everyone has the same body type so when it comes to baby carriers, the one-size-fits-all approach’ doesn’t work. You’ll want a baby carrier that will adjust to your body size as well as the size of your baby. As your baby grows, it is important that your carrier adjusts to accommodate the extra size and weight.

There is nothing worse than a wrap style baby carrier that is too tight to comfortably feed your baby. The carrier you choose should be adjustable so as to accommodate a growing baby. When choosing a baby carrier, always check the weight capacity. If you’ll be using your carrier for longer than a few months, you will want to be aware of how much your baby can weight before you can no longer use the carrier, safely.

An Appealing Design

A baby carrier doesn’t have to have an appealing design to be functional, but most mothers do want something that also looks good. For Moms who do take design into consideration, something to consider is style. Do you want a carrier that matches the rest of your baby gear? Fortunately, many popular baby carriers are not only functional but come in a variety of colors and designs.

Baby wearing in a carrier vs a wrap

Baby Carrier Styles

Each of the types of baby carriers is good for different reasons and different ages. It is important to understand that not all baby carriers are equal when it comes to nursing your baby.

  • The Pouch Sling Baby Carrier – This type of carrier is very basic. The pouch sling baby carrier will hold your child in place but offers no support beyond that. If your baby still needs neck and head support, this style of carrier may not be the best option as it is meant for older babies.
  • The Wrap Carrier – This is one of the best carrier styles of carrier for breastfeeding mothers. The wrap carrier not only offers support for your baby, but it also provides good coverage so that you can breastfeed, no matter where you are. Most wrap style baby carriers are also made from a stretchy material so that it provides both support and comfort.
  • The Ring Sling Carrier – If the ability to adjust your carrier is at the top of your list of priorities, you’ll like ring sling baby carriers. The ring in the design and the extra fabric allows you to adjust the carrier quickly. Not only does this make adjustments easy but the extra material is great if you want a little privacy during feedings.
  • The Mei Tai Carrier – This style of carrier originated in Asia and is designed in a way that offers great support for you and your baby. The Mei Tai carrier straps around your back and will hold your baby in an upright position, which can be great for nursing. The downside of the Mei Tai carrier is that it doesn’t offer support for a younger baby’s head and neck. It also doesn’t offer any privacy features.
  • The Structured Baby Carrier – Structured baby carriers use buckles or clips and a structured material design. Although this type of carrier offers baby a lot of support, it isn’t particularly useful when it comes to nursing. While other carrier styles are easy to adjust, the structured carriers don’t allow for adjustments. This type of carrier probably isn’t the best choice for nursing mothers.

What to Look For When Choosing a Baby Carrier for Breastfeeding

While you are nursing, you’ll have unique needs that should be taken into consideration when choosing a baby carrier.

A Good Carrier for Breastfeeding Should Be Machine Washable

The baby carrier you choose should be machine washable and durable. You’ll be washing your baby carrier frequently so you’ll want a carrier that is durable enough to handle it.

It Should Have Breathable and Stain Resistant Material

You’ll want a carrier made from a material that is breathable and doesn’t stain easily. Breathable material is important when it comes to your baby’s comfort. Babies tend to let milk spill from their mouths, not to mention the fact that they can sometimes spit-up so a stain-resistant material is also important.

Comfort Should Be Considered

You’ll want your baby to be comfortable enough in the carrier that they can go from eating to sleeping with no problem. This is great for baby, as well as Mom.

What to Look for in Any Good Baby Carrier

Constructed from Good Material

Not all baby carriers are created equal. You’ll want a carrier that is constructed from good material that will withstand continuous use and several washings. Some of the best baby carriers use a weave of cotton and other materials that offers breathability as well as the support you want for your little one.

A Good Baby Carrier Offers Adjustability

When choosing a baby carrier you’ll want one that is easily adjustable to your waist size. Not everyone has the same waist size so your carrier should adjust from very small waist sizes to larger waist sizes and still offer great support for baby.

Comfort and Breathability.

A baby carrier should have enough padding that is comfortable for both you and baby, plus be constructed from a lightweight breathable material such as cotton or mesh.

Consider Baby’s Weight and Size.

Do you want a baby carrier that accommodates babies of different sizes and weights? Not all baby carriers are appropriate for newborns and smaller babies. This is something you will have to take into consideration when choosing a baby carrier.

Breastfeeding Carrier Reviews

Kids N’ Such – 4 in 1 Baby Wrap Carrier and Ring Sling

This is a ring sling style baby carrier that can accommodate your growing baby. The Kids N’ Such – 4 in 1 Baby Wrap Carrier and Ring Sling features 5.5 yards of breathable, high-quality fabric that comes with some of the most features including comfort, support, privacy, and adjustability.

With this baby carrier, you can comfortably carry your baby with you wherever you go, and still keep your hands free. This carrier offers a cover so that you can nurse your baby, no matter where you are.

What we liked:

  • Can be used as a sling or a wrap carrier
  • This carrier is machine washable
  • Can accommodate various sizes from petite women to men
  • This carrier comes with a carrier pouch
  • Constructed from soft, durable material
  • This carrier also doubles as a nursing blanket

What we didn’t:

  • This carrier only comes in one color, which may not appeal to everyone’s taste.
  • Although the fabric is durable, it is also too thick, which can make it uncomfortable to wear in warmer weather.
  • Fabric is too long to use as a wrap if you are shorter than average height.
  • The Kids N’ Such – 4 in 1 Baby Wrap Carrier and Ring Sling is more expensive than other baby carriers.

Baby Ktan

This carrier works as a wrap but without the hindrances that are sometimes associated with baby wraps. When it comes to ease of use, the Baby K’tan is one of the best! While some baby carriers come with one long piece of fabric, this wrap comes in two different pieces that make securing your baby easier and keep baby snug.

There are a number of ways you can wear the Baby K’tan carrier so you can choose the method that is best for your baby’s size. The Baby K’tan is made of a lightweight, breathable material that is so important for you and your baby’s comfort.

What we liked:

  • This carrier is easy to use, even when you are alone.
  • The Baby K’tan carrier is comfortable for both Mom and baby.
  • It is adjustable so it can grow with your baby.
  • This carrier is machine washable and will not lose its shape.
  • Makes it easy to breastfeed while on the go.

What we didn’t:

  • This carrier comes in different sizes, which means that if more than one person is using it, you’ll have to invest in more than one Baby K’tan.
  • It doesn’t provide quite the same support as some baby carriers so may become uncomfortable if worn for long periods.
  • You need to make sure you get the right size or the carrier will not fit correctly

Pura Vida – Luxury Ring Sling

Made of 100% natural materials, The Pura Vida Luxury Ring Sling Baby Carrier is a favorite with moms for several different reasons. This baby sling can keep your baby cool in the summer as well as warm during the colder seasons.

Along with comfort, the Pura Vida Luxury Ring Sling Baby Carrier has extra material that may be useful to women who prefer privacy when breastfeeding, plus this material can be used to protect your baby from wind and sun.

What we liked:

  • This carrier is constructed from natural, eco-friendly material that is safe for your baby.
  • According to the product specs, it can be used for babies up to 35 lbs.
  • Provides a comfortable fit for moms of all sizes.
  • This carrier is lightweight and compact so it will fit in a diaper bag or backpack.
  • Comes in a variety of different colors.

What we didn’t:

  • The soft fabric may slip through the ring.
  • You may find that the fabric tends to wrinkle.
  • May not be as easy to use as other baby carriers.

Baby Tula Free to Grow

The Baby Tula Free to Grow will accommodate babies from 7 lbs to 45 lbs. The versatility of this carrier is important for parents who can’t purchase a new carrier for every stage of a child’s development. With the ability to adjust for weight and height, this carrier really does grow with your baby.

The Baby Tula Free to Grow’s padded straps make it a good choice when it comes to comfortable for Mom and baby, plus you can wear it in front, as well as on your back. The Baby Tula Free to Grow carrier comes with a removable hood that may be useful for breastfeeding mothers, as well as protecting your baby from the elements.

What we liked:

  • Adjustable settings
  • Made from breathable, lightweight fabric.
  • Padded straps for comfort
  • Fits waist sizes from 27 to 56″]
  • Machine Washable for easy care

What we didn’t:

  • Does not come with newborn insert
  • Fabric may not be as soft as others carriers
  • The fabric is meant for both warm and cold weather but could be too warm for some climates.

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