What’s the Best Outdoor Baby Walker in 2024?

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For me, as a parent, one of the most frustrating ages is the period between crawling and walking. Your baby wants to go, go, go and he or she is pulling up on every surface they can find while testing boundaries and balance. Indoors, we always leaned on a push walker for that stretch to get us through. 

However, I always wanted the convenience of a walker outside as well. That led to searches and shopping trips for walkers that are suitable for use outside. As many parents know, the wheels on many walkers and push toys won’t work on gravel or uneven grass. Additionally, many can be prone to tipping. No one wants that. Still, there’s a need for support during outdoor play for those kiddos that are determined to keep moving without driving their parents bonkers. 

That’s why we’ve gathered some of the best options for outdoor walkers or push toys to assist early walking. Have a look at our roundup of the best baby walkers below (complete with pros and cons) before you decide to splurge on another baby gear!  

Best Outdoor Baby Walkers – Our Picks

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Outdoor Baby Walker Reviews

Radio Flyer Classic Push & Play Walker

This baby walker toy can make the transition from indoor to outdoor seamlessly. It’s gender neutral and timeless with the classic red Radio Flyer paint job and natural wood accents. The wheels and handle are also perfect for new walkers as there is a wide, stable wheel base that provides resistance so your baby won’t slip the minute he/she pushes. Additionally, this particular design rolls well on grass

This is also a fun walker for babies. On the front of the push toy, there is an activity center filled with sensory mechanisms and colorful toys that allow your child to push and pull on gears. They’ll love looking at the bright colors and learning cause and effect concepts through play. Underneath, there is also a storage bin that your baby can stash their favorite toys in, which is a great feature for a toy designed to age with your child from 1-4. 

What we liked:

  • Classic wooden construction 
  • Radio Flyer paint scheme 
  • Sensory play 
  • Storage bin 
  • Stable wheel base 
  • Provides resistance 

What we didn’t:

  • Tailored to kids that can already pull up to standing 

Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon

For some kids, a small storage bin on the back isn’t enough. They need their own wagon for all of the yard toys and stuffed animals they can pack in there. This wooden Radio Flyer Walker Wagon (push toy)  is perfect for the little baby pack rat. 

This baby walker’s handle and wheel base are perfect for steady walking. And if you’re leery of the size because of how it will impact your indoor furniture, never fear, because this toy comes with a bumper to save walls, coffee tables, and more. This walker wagon also has a safety feature. As your baby pushes this wooden walker its resistance clickers prevent the wheels from moving too quickly and sliding out from your baby girl or boy’s grasp. It’s a great way for them to build balance and confidence before they move to cruising around the house or backyard. 

What we liked:

  • Classic Radio Flyer wooden design 
  • Big storage bin 
  • Wide handle and wheel base 
  • Large thin wheels 
  • Resistance clickers for early walking 
  • Furniture bumper 

What we didn’t:

  • Not suited for younger babies; It is tailored to kids that can already pull up.
Here’s a good demo of the Walker Wagon from Courtney

VTech Sit-To-Stand Learning Walker

Another push toy, this VTech is great for kids that are walking or still mostly sitting because it features an entire panel of toys and sensory activities. Play with it two ways, sitting or standing, as the front panel comes off of the walker for engaging play on the ground. 

From the seated position, they can play and tinker with all of the gadgets, watch the lights, and listen to the sounds and music. As they move onto pulling up and walking, this toy features a sturdy handlebar and wheels with two speed settings. Along with fine motor skills, this VTech sit to stand walker encourages role play and creativity with its telephone and mini piano keys. 

What we liked:

  • Multiple ways to engage kids 
  • Panel comes off for easy seated playtime 
  • Wheels have two speeds 
  • Encourages role play and creativity 
  • Lights and sounds will keep kids entertained

What we didn’t:

  • This walker has electronics and therefore, shouldn’t be left outside

YBIKE – Pwei Walking Ride On

This is another great transitional toy as it accommodates early walkers and riders (up to 36 months or 44 lbs). Infants can hang onto the handles of the YBIKE to use like any other walkers. The rubber wheels don’t have speed controls. However, they are perfect for tackling a variety of terrains as they roll easily and swivel around obstacles, making this a great toy for indoor or outdoor use. 

As your child grows, they can use the toy as a bike and sit on the comfortable molded seat pad. Using this as a push bike is great for developing motor skills, core strength, and balance. Additionally, this is a great ride-on toy for when mom or dad want to go on a walk and the kiddo wants to join in. 

*Personal insight: We have this toy at our house and we’ve had it for almost 5 years. It’s been a great push toy for all 3 of our kids. 

What we liked:

  • Use as a push toy 
  • Use as a push bike 
  • Rubber wheels that do not mark up the floor 
  • Multi Directional wheels that roll over uneven terrains 
  • Transitional toy that goes up to 44 lbs
  • Can be left outside

What we didn’t:

  • You need to be vigilant when your child is just learning to use this one. The wheels can take some time to get used to.
Here’s a demo of a little one using the YBIKE on the uneven surface of her family’s deck from the FitzBurt Family

Ford Mustang 4-in-1 Baby Walker

If you’re looking for a sit-in walker that can transition from the infant stage to the toddler stage, this is a good option. Starting at 6 months, your little one can use the steering wheel which offers car sounds for engaging play. Moving onto sitting in the seat, this car replica offers three heights and a sturdy wheel base that will prevent tipping. 

But an even more impressive feature is how the car “shell” can be removed to allow another child to play. Once the outer car piece is removed, a handle bar can be raised to allow another child to use it as a push toy, leaving the other portion of the seated walker free for use. This entire setup also folds up for easy storage. 

What we liked:

  • Transitional toy for ages 6 months to toddler 
  • Can be used as seated walker, push toy, or with removable steering wheel 
  • Sturdy, wide wheel base 
  • Removable car 
  • Folds for easy storage 

What we didn’t:

  • We didn’t find any!

Which types of baby walkers work well outside?

Seated baby walkers that are designed specifically for outdoor use are few and far between. However, those that are, feature sturdier wheels to stand up to different terrains and flooring/ground levels. The wheels roll over bumps easily and the frame of the walker offers higher clearance to decrease risks of tripping and flipping over. 

Another variation of a baby walker, is the outdoor push toy or ride-on toy, which allows the baby to walk around with the support of a handlebar and wheels. No matter what you choose, outdoor walkers and toys require vigilance. Even when you have the best baby walker, never leave your baby loose and unattended. By doing so, you can mitigate accidents and ensure baby walker safety all the time.

What to look for in an outdoor baby walker

Large thin wheels

Like strollers that are made for off-road cruising, you’ll want a high-quality walker with bigger wheels with compact tires. It allows the walker to tackle rougher terrains without skidding and tipping. If possible, try to find wheels with a little texture. Those that are smooth plastic often struggle to go over gravel. 


For indoor walkers, the bottom portion of the frame has a fairly low clearance. They don’t have to go over concrete sidewalks or pavers. If you want to take the fun outside, you’ll need a walker with a higher clearance, even if it’s only an inch or two higher. 


If you’re purchasing to take the fun on the road, you may also want to check out baby walkers that fold or disassemble for easier transport. Your little one will also like that many of the folding walkers are themed (cars, characters, animals). 

Indoor use also (you’ll probably only want one)

Unless you have unlimited storage space, you’ll probably only want to deal with having one baby walker. Baby toys can be cumbersome and add clutter to your home, so who can blame anyone for wanting to take a minimalistic approach? Look for the best baby walkers that can make that transition from indoor to outdoor and back again with ease. And, ensure that the wheels will not damage or leave scratches on hard floors.

What to avoid in an outdoor baby walker

You probably want to steer clear of too many electronics that you can’t remove and tons of fabric. If you accidentally leave your push walker out in the rain, extreme cold, or extreme heat, those features can get damaged. 

Plastic vs wood

This comes down to personal preference. Sure, plastic is usually cheaper and it comes in bright, flashy colors. Kids love attention-grabbing toys with all the bells and whistles. But there’s something to be said for classic wooden toys. There are several push toys or top rated baby walkers made from natural wood that are great for the environment, safe for kids, and can last through several children. 

Is it safe to use a baby walker outside?

Walkers, both inside and out, present unique safety concerns. You need to be aware of ledges, stairs, openings, etc. Only use walkers on level ground where there is no chance your little one can tumble or fall, and for more information on walker safety, refer back to our baby walker safety article.


Breanna is a former therapist turned writer. She earned a master’s in psychology in 2015 but ultimately decided she would like to be more present for her family. Currently flexing her writing skills as a stay-at-home mother of two toddlers (with another baby on the way), she enjoys writing in the parenting and home/DIY niches. She also writes fiction and has been published in a handful of literary magazines and a fiction anthology. In her spare time, Breanna enjoys blogging, painting, running, and drinking an absurd amount of coffee.


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